Are you ready to embark on a new digital adventure with Nyan Club Coin?

Nyan Club Coin is a vibrant and community-focused digital currency that aims to capture the essence of both Nyan Cat and Club the Frog. This unique fusion will take you on a colorful journey through the digital realm, spreading joy and unity as we soar together.

At the core of Nyan Club Coin lies the principle of community empowerment. We strongly believe that our community’s collective strength can shape the future of this coin. Through decentralized governance and open communication channels, every holder of Nyan Club Coin has a voice and an opportunity to contribute to its growth and development.

We’re thrilled to announce that Nyan Club Coin operates on the Ethereum blockchain, leveraging its secure infrastructure and smart contract capabilities. By utilizing Ethereum, Nyan Club Coin benefits from the widespread adoption and vibrant ecosystem surrounding this powerful blockchain network.


Nyan Club Coin presents a vibrant and community-driven tokenomics model designed to create a thriving ecosystem for its holders.

Total Supply:
Transaction Tax: 2%
Liquidity Pool: 100% Burnt

NYAN CAT do more for your world


Phase 1:

CMC Listing
500+ Holders

Phase 2:

Trending On Twitter
CEX Listing
1.000+ Holders

Phase 3:

Nyan Club Tools
CoinGecko Listing
10.000+ Holders



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